Sunflower: A Plant of Golden Petals

What is sunflower? In the beginning, it was developed as a crop in North America. It is supposed that it was originated around 130 million years ago. These flowering plants are very simple and beautiful as compared to the modern flowers of this scientific world.

The appearance of it is very beautiful and make people feel peaceful and fresh by seeing it. These plants are grown in different beautiful colors like yellow, red and orange. This flower has green stems that are completely covered with strong hairs whose length lies between 1m to 2m tall.

Sunflower is basically a flowering house plant that people use in their home gardens to make their gardens more attractive and beautiful. By seeing it, people get mental peace and satisfaction. These flowers symbolize freshness, happiness, brightness, prosperity, and strong faith.

Biological name, Species and height of Sunflowers

Its binomial name is Helianthus annuus of Asteraceae family and its genus is Helianthus. The name of its genus is derived from Greek and specie name is of Latin. It has a round about 70 species. The height of this annual her Age 3 to 15 feet.


Sunflowers are the iconic plants of large yellow flowers that have resemblance with the Sun. They are famous for their radiant bloom and heliotropic charm. These are the native of North America but they have popularity in all over the world because of their aesthetic appeal and many uses. If you are a plant lover you have seen that in the morning their face is toward east and gradually turning toward the west in the evening, it is their uniqueness. These plants are cultivated for their beauty and seeds; full of oil and nutrients that are used in cooking and cosmetics. These are used in cleaning the polluted oil. They are appealing economically, environmentally and scientifically.

Importance of Sunflower in Greek Mythology

Basically, there is a Greek myth behind the history of it.  There is a goddess named Clytie whose beauty was admired by many gods, but she didn’t concern hearing complements from anyone. One day there was a big storm and Clytie was completely drenched in it. That day she saw the Sun in the sky for the first time and with it the god Apollo.

On seeing the Sun, Clytie fell in love with the Sun and started looking at the Sun regularly for almost nine days without any interruption, but she got no response in return. Seeing this whole situation, all the gods took pity on Clytie and turned her into a plant so that she could always see the sun and be with him forever.

By following this myth, it symbolizes many positive things, emotions, and feelings of us. Pure love is the major symbol represented by this flower. It also symbolizes joy, happiness, prosperity, good deeds, and strong faith.

Aesthetic Beauty

The appearance of the it is very beautiful and feel people peaceful and fresh by seeing it. These are grown in different charming colors like yellow, red, orange, purple, blue, and many other colors. This flower has green stems that are completely covered with strong hairs whose length lies between 1m to 2m tall.

Basically, it is a plant that is used for short season. This plant is named after the Sun and it gets its energy and light from the Sun and blooms when it gets proper sunlight. This plant grows in late summer and fall.

Many people grow its seeds in their home gardens, due to which more beauty is created in their gardens and because of the beautiful fragrance of these flowers, their house also smells like a garden. People love to grow these plants in their home gardens to enhance the beauty of their homes. It provides brightness, freshness, and happiness to people.

Types of Sunflowers

There are different types of it that attract people very much some of them are given below:

1) Decorative

2) Perennial

3) Oilseed

4) Dwarf

5) Common

6) Giant

Benefits of Sunflowers

There are also many benefits of using it like it is very helpful in removing your common health problems. It has many minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats that proves beneficial for health. These flowers also provide benefits to that people who are facing heart disease and diabetes. The minerals and vitamins in it are very strong for our immune system and proves helpful in fighting with many viruses.


Finally, if it is said, it will not be out of place that these are not only helpful in terms of health, but they also provide us mental peace and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is an annual plant which is regarded as a native of North and Central America. It is popular across the world because of its large yellow daisy like flowers and tall stalwart stalks.

It has cultural, environmental, agricultural and economic significance. Its plants are cultivated for beauty and its seeds are used in cooking oil and cosmetics. It is a symbol of positivity, strength and resilience.

Yes, these plants are quite easy to grow. It can grow in white range of climates and different types of soil.

It seeds are full of vitamin E and minerals including magnesium and selenium. Some healthy fats, fibers and protein are also found in it. It has health benefits like reducing of inflammation and improving the health of heart.

It directly grows from the seeds after the frost season. It require care and regular watering in dry period. It can grow to mature plant which can produce seeds in approximately 70 to 100 days. Its smaller varieties can be grown in pots and containers.

It has many varieties but its popular variety are Giant, Teddy Bear and red sunflowers which are regarded Mammoth, Teddy Bear and Ruby Eclipse respectively.

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