Amaryllis: A bulbous Plant of Christmas

Do you know about a lovely plant of Amaryllis and about its unique flowers that have a story of love in Greek mythology? It is also regarded as a plant of holiday season or Christmas plant. Christians celebrate the festival of Christmas with great enthusiasm. Basically, Christmas is a religious festival of Christians which they celebrate with great devotion.

People belonging to different religions in the world use different things to make their festivals beautiful and memorable. Similarly, Christians also use certain types of plants and do many other things to make their festival more attractive and enjoyable, which adds a lot to their celebrations.

There are some special plants that particularly used on Christmas for enhancing the beauty and charm of the festival. These are poinsettia, holly, mistletoe, jade, and amaryllis. Basically, it is the most impressive Christmas plant that is very easy to grow.

Meaning of Amaryllis its nature and symbolical importance

It is a Greek word meaning to glow. This word also stands for love, beauty and determination. This is a beautiful flower as well that symbolizes love. It is used to represent hope and achievements in different cultures. A monocot plant of plantae kingdom and its family name is Amaryllidaceae that is the native of South America and also found in South Africa.


It is a popular indoor plant of flowering bulbs and also known for its trumpet shaped large and vibrant flowers. It is the native of South America and South Africa but because of its stunning blooming cultivated in the entire world. Scientifically it is classified by the name of Hippeastrum. Its plant produces one or more flowering stalks and each stalk can bear multiple blooms.  The red, pink, white and orange bloom is more popular. It is a favorite choice of holiday decorations and celebrations. It is easy to grow and care. It adds a touch of glamour by its dazzling display to indoor and outdoor spaces. It is also value for its strong fragrance and striking aesthetic beauty.

Mythological love story of Amaryllis  

There is a Greek mythology behind this flower that is the story of love. On mountainside, a beautiful girl whose name was Amaryllis falls in a love with a shepherd named Alteo. Alteo had Apollo-like beauty and he claimed that he could only love a girl who would bring him a new kind of flower. In order to win Alteo’s heart and his love, she went to an Oracle of Delphi for instructions.

Oracle told her that she must have to shed her blood to win Alteo’s heart. She spent thirty nights standing in front of Alteo’s house and finally on the 30th day a flower called the Crimson Flower grew out of her heart’s blood and in return she won Alteo’s love.

Since then, the it has been known as the flower of love and symbolizes it, and represent her achievement that how she sacrificed to win Alteo’s heart.

Waxed Amaryllis

Its plants are also known with different names like Belladonna Lily, Jersey Lily, Naked lady and Amarillo. Due to the shape of its flowers and growth habits it is called lily include Easter Lily; a resurrection of new life and March Lily; flowers in March.

This type is easy to grow that produced bulbs in 4 to 6 weeks in water and wax. Each plant has to stalks. In the same way, it is the most outstanding Christmas plant that indicates love on the eve of Christmas. Christians use this plant to make their festival more charming. By seeing this plant, people remind the story of love.

It is a beautiful plant with red flowers and green branches. The beautiful description of this plant makes the festival more loving and romantic. Another purpose of using this plant to indicate hope, power, determination, and strength as well for people.

Source of good health which reduces stress

This plant is not only used for decoration purposes but it is also very good for health means if people are suffering from depression or have a lot of anxiety then looking at this plant will give them mental peace They also feel good and better. On the other hand, the its flower or plant is a symbol of love, strength, and determination.

Bloom of Amaryllis

It is a small genus of flowering bulbs that produces trumpet shaped flowers. These plants are usually planted from September to November which requires rest or dormancy for blooming. After emerging from the dormancy, it started blooming within 6 to 10 weeks.

The size of trumped ship flowers is almost 6 inches. Its flowers are of different colors including, red pink white and orange. It’s bloom last for almost 3 weeks. It is unusual for it to give bloom in summer but it can happen by care.

Care of Amaryllis

Its care involves following steps.

  • Bright indirect light is its reference.
  • 65-degree Fahrenheit to 75-degree Fahrenheit is its suitable temperature for thriving.
  • Water it when you feel its top soil is dry.
  • It requires balanced water-soluble fertilizer of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in equal amount. You can use the packaging of 10 -20-15 numbers.
  • Dark and cool location for 8 to 10 weeks is required for its rest or dormancy.
  • Its flowers are heavy and always in the need of support so support it carefully.

Amaryllis bulbs

It is a bulbous plant. Its bulbs are resilient and can produce the flowers of amazing colors by care. The bulbs are large and fleshy like tea drops and can see stop several years and can be propagated by division.

When to cut the leaves of Amaryllis

After the completion of blooming of its leaves, you can cut the stalks of the flowers from its base. Another indication is the turning of leaves from green color to yellow naturally is the symbol of the cutting of its leaves.

Significance and uses of it 

It is one of the superb plants that Christians ever used on the eve of Christmas. It has flowers that symbolizes the story of love as well. It has red flowers and green branches. The beautiful description of this plant makes the festival more beautiful and memorable.

Another purpose of using this plant indicate hope, power, determination, and strength. So, this plant is not only used for decoration purposes but by looking this plant people get mental peace as well.


To be concluded, it is a very beautiful plant used by Christians on the eve of Christmas that make their festival attractive and memorable. They present this distinctive plant during Christmas to indicate and express love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Keep it on a place where it can get bright, indoor light. Water it only on the time of need.

Yes, it can be planted in outdoor spaces in the regions of mild winters.

It’s blooming starts after 06 to 08 weeks from the plantation.

Yes, these plants contain the substances, which are toxic to pets so keep it in pet friendly place.

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