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Outdoor plants: Vibrant Blooms for Lawns and Gardens

What are outdoor plants and which plants are the best for outdoor space? The plants which are planted outside in the ground according to the preferences, climate conditions, soil requirements and exposure of the sunlight are called outdoor plants. They have a wide variety of plant species and types.

These plants are ranging from shrubs, small flowers to towering trees. Their role is crucial in gardening landscaping, ecology and beauty. These green marvels are essential for life.

Common types of outdoor plants

Following are the important and more common types of these plants that are planted outside.


These are flowering plants and have the life cycle of one growing season like marigold, petunias and zinnias. They add seasonal colorful bloom to gardens containers and lawns.


These plants have the life cycle of more than 02 years. They are regarded as a backbone of structure of gardens because of their bloom and other beauties. Its examples are daisy, Hosta and peonies.


Outdoor plants as it clears from its name the plants that are cultivated outside in natural environment like lawn, parks and gardens. These are ornamental, edible and medicinal plants that require proper care and maintenance. These plants have different varieties and all these varieties are proved support to biodiversity.

These are serving as a source of Oxygen and aesthetic beauty. It gives us a beautiful connection of nature by enhancing the environment in which we are living. This type of plants is well suited for outdoor conditions so we should plant them according to their needs.


These are woody plants and have multiple stems. They are smaller in size than trees. Shrubs can be evergreen or deciduous. These plants include roses as azaleas and hydrangeas.


The plants which have the ability of climbing or sprawling with the help of tendrils are roots are called Vines. The most important popular vines are clematis, ivy and wisteria.

Ground covers

These plants are low growing and cover the ground. These are often used as alternative to grass. Its examples are creeping thyme, sedum and vinca.

Bulbs and tubers

These are underground organs and planted in fall or spring that produce plants in favourable conditions. Its examples are tulips, daffodils and irises.

Ornamental Grasses

These are herbaceous plants and often used for lawns and meadows. Its examples are fountain grass, switch grass and maiden grass.


These are large and woody plants. They have single main trunk, branches and leaves. These plants provide shade, habitat and aesthetic beauty.

Names of the most important outdoor plants

Name of some important plants along with brief description are as under.


It is a plant of beautiful purple flowers having calming properties and used in aroma therapy and culinary items. It is also known as Lavandula; a fragrant herb of soothing aroma.


These are flowering plants of multiple beautiful colours and cherished for their beauty and fragrance. These plants are considered versatile edition for lawns and gardens.


The most popular garden vegetable that thrive in Sunny outdoor locations. It is very easy to grow.


These are iconic garden plants having vibrant yellow flowers. It can add a cheerful touch to lawns and gardens.


It is a fast-growing herb of refreshing fragrance that is frequently used in culinary items. It is an easy growing plant that can spread quickly.


These are the plants of low maintenance and have unique forms with fleshy leaves.

Lemon tree

It is a plant of glossy green foliage and have tart fruit. It requires Sunny outdoor location.


These plants require Sunny outdoor locations. Peppers are versatile garden vegetable plants.


These are flowering plants having vibrant blossoms and aromatic foliage. These plants can grow in garden beds, containers or in hanging baskets.


These are easy to care and well famous for annual long-lasting blooms.


These are also known as Tagetes that have cheerful annual flowers of vibrant colours. It grows from seeds.


These plants are of annual flowers with wide range of colours. They have trumpet shaped bloom.

Name of the outdoor plants for home

Following is the list of best plants that are planted out side in home.

  • Pothos
  • Snake plant
  • Peace lily
  • Spider plant
  • Aloe vera
  • English ivy
  • Begonias
  • Ferns
  • Coleus
  • Dwarf citrus Trees
  • Rosemary
  • Salvia
  • Boxwood
  • Hosta
  • Dwarf Hydrangea
  • Holly

Benefits of plants that are planted outside

  1. These plants remove air pollutants and improve the quality of air.
  2. These are helpful in reducing stress.
  3. They are source of temperature regulation.
  4. These plants are source of aesthetic beauty.
  5. Many plants that are planted out side are a source of food.
  6. These plants are helpful in supporting biodiversity.


To conclude the whole discussion, we may say that these plants offer a myriad of benefits and play crucial role in creating healthy environment. These plants are also a source of beauty so, these should be planted with care and love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is a specie of plants that are cultivated in outdoor environment like gardens lawns and parks are called outdoor plants. It includes flowers, herbs, shrubs, vegetables, trees and fruits.

These plants require proper care that involves regular watering, fertilizing, pruning and control of pests. Proper sunlight, type of soil and required water frequency should also be needed.

Easy growing outdoor plants include varieties like marigolds, zinnias, tomatoes, Basil, mint and many others.

Time of plantation depends upon the specific varieties and the condition of the climate. But the best time for their planting is Spring are Fall when there is moderate temperature and adequate rainfall.

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