Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants: Source of Aesthetic Beauty

Do you know about living and breathing elements that are used to elevate the surroundings especially indoors surroundings? These living and breathing elements that are not only used to decorate the houses but also used to enhance our well-being. These are indoor plants which are a source of bringing life and color and give freshness to our homes and working places.

These are botanical beauties and have decorative as well as other functional purposes. Plant enthusiasts cultivate and thrive these living organisms for aesthetic appeal of the internal spaces and also for unlimited benefits. They can improve the indoor air quality and have positive impact on productivity, mood and overall well-beings.

They bring the nature into our indoor space which have soothing and calming effect on our mind and soul. They are of different shapes, colors and sizes along with multiple colors of flowers, sepals and petals. These green marvel serves as green companion in our indoors.

Benefits of indoor plants

In recent years the popularity of these plants is increasing because of their myriad of benefits. some of them are as under.


The plants that are kept and cultivated in indoor spaces are called indoor plants. People use these plants for decoration, air purification and for mental and physical growth. These plants are of different varieties, sizes and shapes. They are a source of aesthetic value which provides connection with nature. Some major indoor plants include snake plant, rubber plant, spider plant, ZZ plant and Aloe Vera. These are also helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. They are beautiful and attractive due to their beautiful appearances so it should be cultivated.

  1. it is a home or office and as a result we cannot get the calming and magical effect of nature. So, these plants are a solution which bring nature indoor and grant natural touch to our body and soul.
  2. One of the major benefits of the plants is to improve the air quality of indoors by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. It purifies the air by removing toxins from indoors so this type of fresh air which is our basic need is very beneficial for our health.
  3. It has been proved that presence of greenery has positive impact on our mental and emotional growth. Plants have the ability to reduce stress by improving the mood and productivity.
  4. A beautiful site of nature is our need because we are not machines. We have feelings passions and emotions that are natural and natural beauty have the ability to fulfill all these needs.
  5. These are a source of aesthetic beauty and enhancement of it for our indoor spaces. They make our indoor spaces visually appealing. These plants have the potential to transform dull environment into a lovely and lively space. And this space is welcoming because it adds beauty and vibrancy in the environment.
  6. It is a base for biophilic design because it lays stress on the connection of human beings with nature. This design is designed to promote health and well-being of humans.

How to care indoor plants?

Specific types of plants require different specific needs but some general care tips are as follows.

  • Basic and essential need of the plants is proper watering. It is observed generally that when the top soil of one inch feels dry when you touch it then water it. Different plants have different requirements so search about it.
  • Light is another basic requirement of these plants provide them adequate light. You can place them near windows where it can get natural sufficient light but be careful about direct sunlight. Artificial light should also be used for these plants.
  • Always take care of higher humidity levels by misting leaves of your plant regularly you can check it. You can place a tray of water near your plant are use a humidifier. For creating microclimate, you can use the technique of grouping the plants.
  • We are the human beings and like comfortable temperatures and same is the case with indoor plants. Their temperature requirement is around 65-degree Fahrenheit 75° Fahrenheit are in centigrade it is 18°C to 24°C during the day and in night slightly cooler. But you will not place them near the heaters or air conditioners.
  • If you want that your plants remain healthy so take care of their pruning and maintenance which encourages new growth. You can remove the dead leaves and the damaged part and prune them for attractive shape. Periodical checking of pests is also needed.
  • Always choose the potts of drainage holes with well drainage potting mix that especially prepared for the plants of indoor spaces. Repotting is also needed but at proper time, you will repot when you feel that soil has become compacted.
  • For the better growth of indoor plants provide them essential nutrients by slow release of fertilizers or balanced liquids fertilizers but avoid from over fertilizing which is not good.
  • The rotation of these plants promote exposure to light that is good for their uniform health so regularly rotate your indoor plants.

Name of ten (10) the best indoor plants along with brief detail

Rubber Plant

This plant is a very famous plant in all the indoor plants. This plant has shiny, green leaves and it adds greenery. Rubber plant is originated from Asia, specialist Java, Malaysia, and India. Rubber plant as the name suggests but its meaning is not quite accurate mainly it is used for decoration purposes.

The benefits of the rubber plant include purifying the indoor air and removing pollutants and well. Rubber plant can be planted in both offices and homes.  This plant is also beneficial in order to reduce your stress and make you feel better.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is one of the famous plants that has been introduced at the end of 18th century in Europe. This plant has long, green leaves. It is refreshing to see it. The beautiful appearance of this plant helps to reduce the stress, anxiety, and depression of people as well. This plant completely purifies the air by removing pollution from it.

ZZ Plant

This plant is very popular for interior decorations. It has dark and green leaves. The leaves of this plant grow in a zigzag shape. The beautiful appearance of this plant makes it very popular among all other plants.

Aloe Vera

This is one of the greatest plants that is good from medical point of view. Aloe vera requires easy care. This plant has dark, glossy, and green leaves. The gel extracted from the leaves is very beneficial and useful for the skin

Fiddle leaf fig

It is a plant of large and glossy leaves that have reserves with fiddle or violin. It prefers bright but indirect light. Do not overwater it because it is very sensitive and requires consistent moisture.


These are the plants of lush green foliage and of various sizes and shapes that require indirect light and regular careful watering These plants are very hard and dry in nature.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is initially connected with the Asparagaceae family. This plant has dry, green leaves. The size of these leaves can vary with time to time. Like the spider plant, the biggest advantage of the snake plant is that it purifies the air by removing

Peace lily

This plant has white hooded flowers with elegant dark green foliage. It requires more rate or low light. It grows well in consistent most soil.


It is also called devil’s Ivy. Its leaves have heart shape. Its trailing wines can tolerate low light conditions with not regular watering.

Bird of Paradise

It has large banana like leaves and its flowers are vibrant and bird-shaped. Bright and indirect light is its basic need for striking foliage. It requires consistently moist soil.


To conclude the whole discussion, we may say that it is an emerging trend which offers benefits and decoration as well. It is beneficial not only for our indoors but also for the external environment. These plants are helpful in enhancing beauty, productivity and functionality of our indoor space. They are also helpful in reducing stress, improving the quality of air and promoting our health so it should be cultivated with love and care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They are a source of decoration, aesthetic beauty and can improve indoor air quality and also helpful in reducing stress levels. These plants can increase productivity, mood and beneficial in promoting well being.

Some beautiful plants like snake plants, pothos, spider plants and peace lilies are the plants of minimum care that can tolerate on low light conditions with low maintenance.

All the indoor plants prefer bright indirect light, some plants require low light conditions. Specific species require specific requirements.

Some varieties of these plants are safe for pets but some are toxic. If you have pets in your house then place the plants in pet friendly atmosphere.

Yes, specially in growing season balanced fertilization is essential for uniform growth and inflorescence.

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