Peace Lily

Peace lily: A Graceful Air Purifier

Have you any idea about an indoor plant that has 47 beautiful but different kinds?  It is a Peace lily plant. This plant got attraction through its gentle flowering and foliage. Due to its fundamental characteristics you have to see this plant in many places, occasions and plant gatherings.

This is a special plant of indoor spaces. Plant enthusiasts love it and raise this plant in their houses. This plant is planted with low maintenance. It grows easily by following just a few caring tips.

Botanical name

Spathiohyllum wallissi is the botanical name of peace lily it comes from the family Araceae. White sail,spathe flower peace lilies are its common names. It is a monocotyledon flowering plant of the kingdom, plantae.

Nature and origin

It is a tropical perennial plant that originates from Mexico, tropical regions of America, Malaysia and Western Pacific. This evergreen flowering glossy plant grow best in humid conditions. Ideal temperature for it is from 65 to 80-degree Fahrenheit. It commonly blooms in spring but its healthy plant can bloom twice in a year.


This indoor plant has 47 different varieties that can enhance your home beauty and shows the traits of your elegant personality along with its stunning bloom. Some diverse varieties are here

Power Petite peace Lilies have the skinny dark green leaves that grow in clumps which can reach the height up to 30 cm and cover the area of 25 centimeters width. Its white flower can bloom throughout the year.


Peace lily, not only a plant but also a peace ambassador of your house in the leafy disguise. Its amazing white bloom presents a worth seeing spectacle. It is a popular choice of plant lovers because of its association with peace, tranquility and harmony of mind and soul. It is a symbol of rebirth and hope.

A well-suited indoor plant that can thrive in low to moderate light. It gives white hood like display of flowers that are mistakenly considered petals which are actually it’s special leaves. This attractive indoor plant is the native of tropical regions of America and South East Asia. It is a plant of low maintenance and have air purifying properties that can remove many elements from the air. It is also recognized with the name of Spathiphyllum which prefers warm and humid conditions that has stylish serenity in every leaf.

Peace lily sensation

It is one of the largest size varieties in the peace lily family. It grows from 4 to 6 cm and gives a jungle look in your port. The leaves are dark green the flowers are white with yellow center.

Picoline peace lily

This plant can grow up to 10 – 12 inches tall. The leaves of this beautiful variety are shiny dark green and the flowers are of white color with creamy center.

Little angel piece lily

It is dwarf version of peace Lilies family. The leaves are deep green and white flower with yellow center.

Domino peace Lily

This plant reaches the height of 30 inches and its width is also 30 inches. The leaves are thick with white pattern and white streaks.

Spathiphyllum Jetty (Jetty peace Lilies)

Power petite peace lily

These peace lilies plant stands between 19 inches tall and 2 feet high. Its leaves are glossy green and white flower with yellow center.

Parts of peace lilies plant

These plants are only divided into two parts

  • Leaves
  • Flowers


Its leaves are large elongated dark green shiny and pointed at tips. These glossy leaves give your plant a jungle look. The leaves directly emerge from soil.


The shape of the flowers is leaf like which are white in color. A shoot develops from soil which grows upwards and turns into a modified Cobra Fern like bract it is called spathe and cover the central part called spadix in which Pollen develops.

Flowers blooming starts in the month of March and all the summer season flowering continues. Every flower bloom stands for 3 to 4 week and then fall off.

Peace lilies care tips

Lily plant makes your home more beautiful due to its attractive nature. It enhances your personality due to its elegance look. But you should take care of it. Some tips are discussed below:

Light requirement and proper location of peace lily

As you know that it is an indoor plant. You can put it indoor and it will survive very well. But you should be careful about the location in the indoors, as you put it in dark room and low light area it will also survive but good for it is that, you should put in the area where it would get good morning fertile sun light for 3 to 4 hours.

It does not require direct sun light only morning fertile sun light is enough for it. So that they get warmth and the leaves become bond because they are very sensitive.

Water needs  

These plants will inform you when they need water by dropping its leaves. When you see such phenomenon, you will not ignore it. It doesn’t like over watering. You should be careful about its roots and soil that must be moist. In Summer Day watering to it is essential because all the water comes out from the drainage holes.

The pot in which this plant grows must have drainage hole at the base. In winter you should water it after 7 to 8 days which depends upon the location as it an indoor plant.


The soil of the pot will be soft and porous. For making the soil mixture add 20% garden soil, 30% sand and30% vermicompost and the soil must be drainage hole. So, when we add water all the water is completely comes out, the roots get its moisture and soil become erect so that air can easily pass out.


As it mentions in its name that it is very peaceful, it not required much food. once they established in the pot, in spring season its growth starts and flowering times occur as you put one to two hand vermicompost and when budding and flowering start every 20 days you will put liquid fertilizer.

Do not over fertilize it.

If you do then the nitrogen is increased and the condition of the plant will be changed, and you will see that the leaves are more and flowers are less. Flowers become green; and these lily plants are not supposed to be green they supposed to be white.

The reason behind its abundance of nitrogen. Do not fertilize the plant in winter they need warmth, give it organic compose and bone male powder. In it, phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium are present all in one mixture with balanced quantities.

Nitrogen will help the plant to produce more leaves. phosphorus will help the roots to build strong plant that will have a great immunity. Potassium will help the plant to have more flower.

Propagation of Peace Lily

Peace lilies are easily propagated by division. First of all, the process of propagation is done in the winter season because in winter the plant is not flowering and plant are in rest condition, when lily plants are matured many secondary peace lilies plants can grow from its mother plant by division of multiple crowns which are developed by it.

The plant can be divided carefully into the sections by using the knife, every section must be established root detaches these secondary plants from its mother plant. Take the drainage plastic pot add the soil and place these lily plant crowns, when plants start growing plant it into a new pot.

Peace lilies air purifying abilities

NASA Seal approval

NASA clean air study approves the lily plant is an air purifier. This plant removes the toxic pollutants from the air like benzene, formaldehyde, acetone etc. Not only the outdoor air but also the air in the home cleaned by it.

Health Benefits of Peace lily

Improves sleep at night

Peace lilies plants hold positive energy as it cleans the air. In your, home you can breathe good due to humidity. You sleep better at night peacefully with the calm and comfort.

Increases mental attention

The glossy glorious leaves and elegant white flowers get your attention. The mind gets relaxed. Placing of lily plant at working places like

Offices, the concentration and focus on work is increased and productivity is also raised. It relaxes the nervous system.

Removing of mold spores

Lily plant removes the mold spore from the air. It is helpful for those people who are allergic with these mold spore and the germs present in the air, which causes the eye infection, throat irritation and skin infection. Lily absorbs the mold spores that cause these problems and

save from acetone and alcohol vapors.

These vapors from acetone and alcohol are the reason of health issues like lack of coordination, headache and low blood pressure etc. The Alcohol and acetone vapors are found in products, which we used such as remover, nail polish, paints and varnishes etc. Lily plant absorb these vapors of alcohol and acetone.

Symbolic and cultural significance of Peace lily

symbolical importance of peace lilies

In some cultures, peace lilies symbolize peace, harmony and renewal. In some cultures, it is believed that lily absorbs the negative energy of home. It brings in your home peace by getting out negative energies.

Use in rituals and ceremonies

In some culture lily plant supposed to be a sacred plant. This lily plant is commonly used in religious ceremonies because it is a symbolical plant of purity and innocence.

When should I water my Peace lily plant?

First of all, water your plant only when your plant has withered a little and the soil at the top of the pot is dry.

Second, water it in adequate quantities so that the extra water pours out of by drainage hole.

The third, but the most important point is that water it according to the time.

Either watering is in morning or evening. If you See any withered plant in the afternoon then water it in the evening on the same day or see it in the evening then water it in next morning.

As I mention above that peace lilies are indoor plants that can survive well in the indoor even in low light area.

Can peace lily thrive in low light condition?

Yes, these plants have the capacity to survive in low light conditions but not in dark.

Why are the leaves turning Yellow and How I remedy this?

The leaves of the plant become yellow this is due to over watering, under-watering, over fertilizing or a loss of humidity. Check the moisture of the soil properly if you see that the soil is dry and plant need water then water it. Do not water it immediately because the soil is warm and water is cold, the plant gets shock which can damage the plant. you should be waiting until this soil cool down.

The leaves turn yellow because of loss of humidity. The solution is that you should sprinkle the water or misting the plant 2 to3 times a day, add neem oil and liquid soap in water and sprinkle it on leaves. It is useful against the pest attack and leaves get clean. In this way plant will become healthy and happy.

Its yellowish leaves are the sign of aging. The old leaves as time passes turns into yellow color by completing its life.

Remove the old leaves at the base so that the space is available for the new leaves to come out.

Are peace lilies toxic for children and pets?

Peace Lily leaves are poisonous for children and also for pets. Its leaves contain crystal of calcium oxalate that can be toxic. Always place it out the reach of children and pets.


By wrapping up this evergreen flowering glossy plant of peace lily that not only makes your home beautiful but also admiring and graceful. Beyond beauty, peace lilies have many benefits. You often see this plant in many ceremonies, religious functions and festivals.

I have informed in detail about its care tips, its location, how water it, mixture and composition of soil, fertilizer quantities and also about its propagation method. I hope you will get information from it and will enhance your peace of mind by planting it in your house by heart and soul.

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