Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig: A Green Masterpiece for Indoors

Have you any idea about the charismatic plant which have broad dark green violin shaped leaves? This alluring plant is commonly known as Fiddle leaf fig but its botanical name is Ficus lyrata. This plant has striking appearances which made him so popular among the indoor plants.

It is useful for interior decorations. I have seen it in many workplaces and homes and observed that it has become a staple in different places. I think it’s very dear to plant enthusiasts who want to make their green journey startling one.

Nature and origin

It’s a plant of large leaves which has resemblance with fiddle, commonly found in the rainforests of West Africa which is its natural habitat. In its natural habitat it can grow very high up to the height of 50 feet. It requires well drainage soil of medium moisture having 06 to 07 pH.

When we use this plant to our internal spaces it reaches to the size of 10 feet which is manageable and suitable for our indoors. It is a revered tropical plant which belongs to the kingdom plantae and its family is Moraceae. It is a flowering indoor plant.

History and importance

It has a long history and there are many varieties of it. There are almost 1,000 types of it. Each type has different characteristics of colour, size, fruit, taste and ripening time. Three types are easy to find.

  1. Bambino Ficus lyrata: small variety that can grow up to a few feet in internal atmosphere.
  2. Compacta Ficus lyrata: this variety can grow up to 05 feet in indoor space.
  3. Variegata Ficus lyrata: it is not a common variety it takes longer time to grow in your house.

It is generally classified by its shape colour and taste of fruit. Figs are the fruit of paradise; it is mentioned in the holy Quran; religious book of the Muslims and according to it there are many benefits of it.

According to some commentators, it is the first tree which brought benefits to the man on Earth. Some believes that Adam and Eve used the leaves of it for covering the body, it’s importancece is also mentioned in the Bible, that it is a sacred tree. In Jordan the signs of its presence are traced which are of 9,200 BC.

We can find its importance in ancient history of Greeks and Romans; it was considered a symbol of protection and generous sustenance. Now science has also proved the usefulness of it and according to the research its fruit is used as a cure of diseases, its fruit mainly used in Middle East, Asia, entire Indian subcontinent and also found other countries as well.

The signs of its fruits are traced after the arrival of the Muslims so it is believed that it was brought here by the Muslims. This tree has a delicate fruit and after the ripening of it falls itself and it is not possible to save it for the next day but it can stay in refrigerator for the two days.

According to the health care professional, it has 239 calories in 100 gm fruit. It contains vitamin A, C zinc, calcium and potassium. Its daily consumption maintains potassium and sodium in the blood. It is helpful in relieving pain of the body.

Characteristics of fiddle leaf fig

Aesthetic beauty

 it is very popular because of its aesthetic beauty. It is a world-famous plant owing to its lush evergreen leaves. It is used as a source of beauty and elegancy. It adds a touch of sophistication to our inner spaces and inner self as well.

Plant of low maintenance

It is a low maintenance and less care plant. It prefers bright indirect light and does not like the abrupt changes of temperature in the environment. Regular watering and occasional dusting of the leaves are considered sufficient for its care.

Easy propagation and growing

If you want to share such a lovely plant with your dear ones so don’t be disappointed its propagation and growing is not difficult, you will cut its stem and put it into the desired soil, with the patience and regular care of some weeks, you will be able to get the joy of it’s sharing.

Air purifier

It is an ornamental plant along with its beauty and aesthetic appeal it has some additional benefits.

  • It removes air pollutants.
  • It enhances is the quality of air.
  • It makes indoor environment soothing and healthier.
  • According to a survey of NASA it is an air purifier house plant.
  • It is also used as space shuttle.

Cultural impact

It is a charmer of undeniable beauty and because the its photogenic nature it is very useful for the instagrammers and social media influencers.

It has its cultural impact of greenery which is a universal aim. We can also find its solid status by seeing the pictures in magazines, television shows and in interior decorations.


It has some challenges.

  • Overwatering can cause the dropping of leaves or can lead to root rot and be careful about it.
  • It is very sensitive and cannot bear the sudden changes in the environment.
  • It requires indirect bright sunlight but excessive light is not good for it which can results in leaf dropping or changing the colours of its leaves.


To conclude the whole discussion, we may say that the fiddle leaf fig is a symbol of beauty and style for our indoors. It is a beautiful, fruitful and elegant indoor plant having the features of low maintenance and purifying nature.

It has some challenges as well. In short it is a captivating plant and has prominent place in the heart of plant lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You should water it according to the need when you feel that top soil is dry up to 1 inch water it, but avoid from overwatering.

It requires bright indirect light you can place it near a window from where it can receive natural light.

Its growth depends on the factors like light, temperature and care. It can grow a few feet in a year under optimal conditions.

You can fertilize it during the growing season of Summer and Spring after 2 weeks but you will use balanced liquid fertilizer.

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