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Rose Plant: The King of Flowers Beautiful and Useful

Have you ever thought about what rose is? Why is it considered beautiful and useful? The flower of rose plant is one of the most beautiful flowers of present-day on the Earth surface. It is considered beautiful for its lovely appearance, found in different colors, each with its own beauty and usefulness.

It has amazing fragrance which is unique one. It is used in many beauty products. It also has association with emotions of us.

Family and habitat of the rose plant

Basically, rose is a specie of genus Rosa in family Rosaceae with more than hundred species. The botanical name of it is Rosa Indica (Gulab). Roses are the prettiest flowers of all times. The beginning and existence of the roses can be found back in ancient time.

In early phase, it was considered as a wild plant. Then it is cultivated as ornamental for its beauty. Now it is the beauty owner of every garden.

Composition are floral characters

The height of roses can be of various length. It is composed of four major parts; sepals (calyx), petals (Corolla), stamen (androecium) and carpel (Gynoecium). Sepals are present on disc which contain ovary, with colorful petals. Below it, there is a medical followed by thorny stem to protect it from harmful insects.


Rose a flowering plant belongs to the genus Rosa. It has diverse range of species and hybrid varieties depending upon their form colors and growth habits. Every single type has its distinctive characteristics. Its prevalent types are hybrid teas grandifloras and floribundas. In early face it is also known as wild plant, wild roses like Rosa canina and Rosa rugosa are its examples; having natural beauty. It is a plant which is considered an ornamental garden plant and King of Flowers as well. It’s varieties like red roses, Black roses White roses, yellow roses and pink roses are found everywhere. It is used in different cosmetics. It has its medicinal use. It is also acknowledged as a symbol of love and beauty. In short it is one of the best flowering plants which has distinction in plants and has prominent place and importance in human beings: expressing love in the form of present or red roses bouquet.

Types of roses/wide varieties of roses

Rose is popular all over the world. Roses are of different varieties. The petals of roses can be of different colors ranging from red to yellow, pink blue, orange, maroon, white and even black. The types of roses are natural with own characteristics of beauty.

Some major types of roses are as under.

  • Red roses
  • White roses
  • Black roses
  • Yellow roses
  • Pink roses
  • Orange roses
  • Maroon roses
  • Blue roses.

Benefits and uses

Roses are beneficial and used in different products and decorations.

As a food source

Roses are regarded as edible shrubs because its petals are used in different edibles. The extract and essence of rows is used in refreshing drinks as milk and others. The petals of roses are also used to increase the beauty of different parties.

Industrial use of roses

Roses are famous for its fragrance that refreshes mind and body. It is used in making cosmetic products and also in making perfumes and many other products as well.

Source of medicine

The petals of roses are used to make Gulkand or Gulkhand; herbal product. It is known as Gulkand in Hindi and Urdu language which is used as a medicine. The water of roses means extract is used for skin of the face and body as well.

Symbolical use

Roses are regarded as a symbol of love, aesthetically and emotionally. It is a sign of purity and helps in expressing feelings. Nowadays it is really common to see people giving one another showing that they love and trust each other.

Use of it in writing

The extract of rose is used in writing by writers and poets. Specially it is used in romantic writing because it is associated with romance because of its terrible beauty.

Rose Day celebration

In every region of the world and in different era, it is used to show affection even now. There is a day which is celebrated with the name a rose day. When people give roses to each other and confess their feelings towards others.

Pros and cons of rose plant


Considering all the qualities present in the rose, it is indeed right to name it as the” King of Flowers”. It rules in every aspect and every situation to beautiful the moment and giving pleasant impression to all. It has been observed that roses are increasing the beauty of this beautiful world like the unique plant of cactus which has beautiful wild flower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Early spring when the soil is not frozen and it is workable which allows the roots to grow, is the suitable time for its planting.

It demands rich soil which have organic matters and the pH level is of 6.00 to 6.50.

Yes, you can, because it has a number of varieties, but you should use large pot having good drainage system and rich soil.

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