Aloe vera

Aloe Vera: A Versatile Succulent Plant

Aloe Vera is a thick and cactus like plant, the color of it is green and it is found in hot and dry climate regions. Its genus is Aloe, and it has more than 500 types in the world. It is a flowering succulent plant. There are different names of it.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Africana

Aloe Arborscens

Aloe Barbadensis

The origin of Aloe Vera plant is Arabian Peninsula and naturally it is found in North Africa. It contains water and gel within its leaves. It is also known as Burn plant, Lily of the desert and elephant’s gall.

Market value and major players

According to the research analysis of data bridge market; the global market size value of Aloe Vera in 2021 was USD 553.1 million which will be expected to reach USD 1134.86 billion by 2029 with CAGR of 9.40%. It has vey vast market. In the market of it, the major operating players are as under

  • Lily of Desert     US
  • Patanjali             India
  • Aloe Vera HQ     Australia
  • Lake Wood Inc    US
  • Now Foods          US
  • Sarvliving Ayurved           India
  • LR Health and Beauty    Germany
  • Herbal Life International of America   US
  • Green Leaf Naturals    US
  • The Bountiful Company    US

Historical background

And in old days it was regarded as a plant of immorality. The earliest record of its usage is of 16th century BC. In Egypt it is called plant of immorality. Alexander the Great, and many others historical characters including, Christopher Columbus used it for treating soldier’s wound.

It is associated with Asphodelacea (liliaceae) family and the botanic name of it is aloe barbadensis miller. It has been used for medical and beauty purposes for centuries. It has 13 billion dollars annual market value in the whole world.

Habitat and properties

It is found in Africa, Asia Europe and America.  It may grow to about (12 -19) inches and in centimeters it may be (30-50) in length. It has anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties. It also contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anti viral and antiseptic elements.

Advantages of Aloe Vera

It is a useful plant. It is used for different purposes. Some important benefits are given below.

Healing purpose

According to the United States pharmacopeia, it is effective for sores and second-degree burns. It increases the healing process of wounds.

Dental plaque

According to the general dentistry it is the best remedy for the protection of tooth decay. It kills bacteria and fights against cavities. we can use it as a mouthwash as well. It reduces mouth ulcers.

Effective for constipation

It is beneficial for digestion system. The latex in it reduces constipation. It has been suggested by Germany’s regulatory agency for health commission -E that it is very useful for preventing constipation.

Memory enhancement

According to the nutritional neuroscience, experiments on mice had made clear that using Aloe Vera increase learning memory and reduced depression in mice.

Skin and beauty

A study in the University of Nepal and Italy declared that it is a cactus like plant protects the skin of breast cancer patient. It also enhances beauty and keeps skin wrinkle free. Its gel is used as a moisture that can improve skin elasticity.

Hair growth

A study that was published in the journal Molecules that it is beneficial for human health it is also used for hair growth it reduces itches and increases the growth of hair.

Helpful compounds

It is full of healthful compounds. It is used in different cosmetics, medicines and various kinds of foods. It is also used as a food source. There are a number of vitamins and minerals are present in it.

Helpful in reducing blood sugar level

It is helpful in reducing and managing blood sugar levels. It is sometime used as a treatment for diabetes. According to American Heart Association (AHA) it can help in decreasing high blood pressure.

Soothing effect

Its gel is amazing and used for treating sunburn because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Its gel gives a calming effect, when it applied on the skin. In various countries it is cultivated as a crop named Aloe gel.

“Aloe gel is cooling and has anti-inflammatory properties so it immediately provides some relief from discomfort with a sunburn” said by an American dermatologist Adrienne Houghton MD with Stony Brook.


To conclude Aloe Vera is a productive plant that is used for medical treatment as well as in cosmetics products in order to enhance beauty. It is not just a plant but it is a remedy of many health issues as well as an element of beauty.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can grow it because it is a house plant and easy to grow in well drainage soil at Sunny spot.

Yes, it is safe. You can use it because it is a soft and suitable for skin. If you have any allergy issue then consult it with healthcare professional before it’s usage.

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